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More than twenty years of rolling development, strong spanning tree, attention to the future, Graphite electrode manufacturing in China and strive to run the world!Hard for specialized globalization graphite electrode manufacturers!
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The company is equipped with advanced equipment, the production process controls the domestic leading, realizes the informatization, the integration, provides the guarantee for the product quality high stability. We have 24 recurrent calciners, 3, 500 tons of hydraulic presses, 2500 tons hydraulic presses, 1700 tons hydraulic presses, 18 chamber ring roasting furnaces, 30 chamber ring roasting furnaces, high pressure impregnation, 33 car tunnel kiln, 10000kVA large dc graphitized furnace, 16000kVA large dc graphitization furnace, three sets of CNC machine tool electrode and joint automatic production line are all advanced equipments in domestic industry. One isostatic pressure graphite production line, isotropic fine structure, The main equipment of form a complete set Φ 1250 x 3200 isostatic press a and two car type furnace.

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